Samantha Abbott Glass

"There’s just something magical about glass. I’ve been a glass artist my whole life, I love everything glass, most of all glass earrings. I love how happy it makes people to have something special that they can wear, that is hand made, is beautiful and that was made especially for them. I am privileged to have my son Jack and my daughter Abigail creating alongside me and together we work around the clock to bring you these gorgeous works of wearable art glass earrings. I make small runs of art glass which I make our earrings from. Usually from each piece of glass I make twenty to fifty pairs of earrings which are all unique and not repeatable, making each colour run very collectable and they quite often sell out within days of being finished. My son Jack takes care of the presentation side of things, making our wooden display tags and also runs our website, more recently he has set out on his own creative path and now manufactures timber clutch purses, and you may already be familiar with Abigail, with her bubbly personality and will to please, she is my on the road rep, visiting our Melbourne stores and, well basically Abigail is my rock! Together we run this little family business and supply around 200 boutiques, galleries and gift shops Australia wide. A little bit about how my glass is made……. I use a variety of techniques to make the glass, different temperatures are used to manipulate a combination of crushed and sheet glass to achieve different colours and effects, and you could say that every design has its own recipe!! After years of experimenting I have hundreds of recipes and my little book of firing schedules and colour combinations is like a little glass cook book that I add to all the time. You can rest assured that I use good quality surgical steel posts.