About Us

So this is ME and my new venture Peggy Minnie Fashion n Stuff ! My name is Dionne and I am the Head Honcho (I’m actually the ONLY Honcho ATM but who’s counting right? 🤣) at Peggy Minnie. 


A little bit about me.... I’m a bit nuts, a bit excitable, a bit funny, a bit of a wierdo and a major over sharer. I live with my foot in my mouth, my heart on my sleeve and every single thought in my head on my face. I will either talk your ear off or have absolutely nothing to say. I am a great big barrel of monkey fun and a Forest Gump box of chocolates.
When I’m not terrified by the humans I am bending over backwards to try and please them so customer service is a passion and I will always go out of my way to make sure my customers are happy.
My intention for Peggy Minnie is to provide some great clothes, shoes, bags n stuff to Dapto and the greater Illawarra, but mostly Dapto as we don’t have access anything unique or outside the box. 
I will do my best to buy from local designers so if you know some locals making jewellery, candles or other cool stuff please let me know or tell them to shout out.