Caring for your clothes


Afraid of shrinkage? Peggy Minnie has you covered. Here is a little info on caring for your Rayon clothes to help prevent and fix shrinkage.


Rayon is sensitive to heat, so the best way to stop shrinkage is to hand wash in COLD water and NEVER put your Rayon clothing in the dryer. The heat makes the rayon fibres malleable and allows it to shrink.



If for some reason you were unable to prevent shrinkage eg: hubby did the washing that week, or like me... you just didn't think the washing instructions on the tag were important, then here's a few tricks to get it back to it's original size.

Remembering that Rayon is sensitive to heat, we are going to heat it up again. Pop it in your washing tub with warm water and either baby shampoo or conditioner and give your clothes a good massage to allow that shampoo to sink into the fibres then rinse and wring.

Pop it onto a dry towel and roll it up to get as much moisture out as you can, unroll and massage the fabric outward to stretch it out to it's original size. Be careful not to over stretch.









If this method does not stretch it out enough, whilst still damp, pop on a hanger and use a steamer to heat and stretch out a little more.

HEAT is the key with Rayon. Make it your friend, not your enemy.