Community Partnerships

Like most women I have a story to tell. Mine involves a lot of being a broke single mother after having left a violent and unhealthy relationship.

I was very lucky to have met an amazing man who has been loving and supportive. From working very hard together we have a nice life and I have some nice things. 

Because of this I have a very strong sense of giving back especially to other women whom are doing it tough and just need a little help to gain self sufficiency.

I am currently working with an amazing group of women from Dress for Success Illawarra whom are assisting women into the workplace by giving them outfits for job interviews and those first few weeks of work. 

Peggy Minnie donates new work clothes as well as a one off discount code they can use for a little shopping spree to either purchase more clothes for work or to have a little shop up just for fun as a reward for their success.

If you have any corporate clothes in great condition that you would like to donate to this amazing organisation follow the link to the Dress For Success website or you can drop things to me and I will happily hand them over for you.

If you know of any other charities you think can benefit from partnering with me please reach out and let me know.